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Do you or someone you know, keep anger and anxiety bottled up. Time to unleash. The Anger Room provides a fun and safe environment for you, family, and friends to let it out and unleash.

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Play Virtual Sofa Bash

Sofa Bash game
Sofa Bash
Check out our virtual sofa basing game. Click here to play.

How Does Anger Room® Work

Our facility is a place where you can let your hair down, gear up and destroy life-like room settings or random stuff, safely without all the extra BS!

1. Book your appointment online through our reservation page above or any of our social media pages.
We don’t share your email address to spammers.

2. Choose from one of our many packages. (plus any extras! Get the extras;)
– I need a break (5 minutes) $25
– Lash Out (15 minutes) $45
– Demolition (25 minutes) $75
And More…

3. Show up to your appointment ON TIME and fucking Dress appropriately! Yeah, we said it!

4. Bash *ish UP!!!!

5. Take breather, put your happy face on (as if we have to tell you) and Enjoy the rest of your now Awesome Day!

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and many, many more…

Donate Your Old Stuff

We accept items like Computers, Laptops, Printers, Mirrors, Tables, Chairs, Dishes, Mannequins, Frames, Vases, CDs, Tapes, Sofas, Cubicles, Sheet Rock and so much more!

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide tax donation letters but we still show our appreciation through in-kind gifts and/or discounts off of current or future sessions!


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