The GroupOn’s Are Coming!

The GroupOn‘s are coming, The GroupOn‘s are coming! Have you heard? GroupOn will be featuring Anger Room very, very soon! What does that mean? It means access to Anger Room deals of a lifetime for a short limited time! If you think the list is long now, just wait till these guys arrive, with deals that will Blow Your mind! This is the perfect chance for those who may be a little chicken to try us, or just can’t wait to visit! We’re totally doing this for you! Need to break a TV? We got you! Need to throw a phone? We got you! Want to punch a wall? We got you! Need to knock someones head clean off? Oh Yeah, We definitely got you on that too! So whatever you frustration maybe, Anger Room has a room for that! And after all of that mayhem, chill out and relax with a cool drink and relaxing Free massage on us! Because that’s how we do it;) An equal amount of Ying to your Yang, Anger Room style! With the help of GroupOn and You, our clients, big things are happening here and you’ll reap the benefits greatly! Let’s Get it GroupOn, and See you all soon  at the Anger Room!

New to the AR!

Great news for the Anger Room! We will be adding complimentary 10-20 min massage services after each AR session, what a way to clam down and relax before you head out back to your normal day! So now, you can come in relieve some anger or stress, then get a truly relaxing tension relief massage by our professional therapists and go on about your day. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! We told ya, there’s nothing better than spending a few mins of your day here with us at the Anger Room!   Stay Tuned for more news and updates;)

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