Redirect your frustrations and take it out with us...safely

Come in. Break sh*t. Leave Happy.



The Anger Room is a safe facility where there is No Judgement & No Consequences. We allow you to come in, suit up and break our shit! All in the name of Love, Fun and perhaps Therapy;) Although, we are NOT a medical or therapeutic establishment, we are here to give you a relieving experience as many times as
you’d like, all while helping you become a more productive human being. We all need to Lash Out at one point in time during our lives, just to keep sane, so why not do it safely with us and eliminate the severe consequences you would have if you did it anywhere else! Welcome to Anger Room, feel free to safely lash out without judgement or


Upcoming Events




We have 3 session types to choose from with a vast array of options to add on as well. Check out what suits you and book you a session today!


group & Corp Events

The best team building and family outing experience your money can buy! The results are priceless and the experience is timeless. It's more than just breaking stuff, it's a bonding experience!  We offer special programs & pricing for Corporate Groups from 15 to 250 persons. Larger groups than 250 should contact us directly for a quote and extended timing. Don't worry we got you covered, we're awesome like that! 


is it your birthday?

No reason to hide this year of your life! If there was ever a reason to have a bucket list item then this should be one at the top of your list! We love birthdays & whether you're 10 or 103, we got the experience just for you & your crew. It's YOUR birthday Bi*sh!!!!! For specialty packages contact us directly for the exclusive Turn Up experience! 

An experience like nothing else
— AR Participant