Got unwanted sh*t?
Donate it!

We take donations of any quantity, anytime! If you have old stuff you'd like to get rid of, let us know and drop it off. We take in everything that's breakable Except mattresses, explosives, ammunition based or hazardous items. Everything else is free game! Have a box truck or warehouse full of stuff, we will come take it off your hands for Free.
*Must be local & within the DFW area for large pickups. 


not quite the donor, but desire a franchise or Invest!

So donations are nice but you want to be involved in a bigger way! We understand & there's no judgement here:) We want you to help expand our brand. But this is only for those who know, understand & believe our true purpose for existing....Helping Other People. So, if you have the drive, experience, background, personality & of course the financials to help grow our brand globally, look no further, the link to your future or possible destiny is here! You will create a great revenue stream for you & your family but you will also be affecting & touching the lives of people Everywhere! How awesome is that? If you are ready, Send in your franchise inquiry below. 


Donate now

We recycle all destroyed items to the best of our abilities, so why not help the environment and donate your unwanted, unsaleable items to us and let us do the recycling for you! Now you're helping people and the environment.....that's a WIN WIN in our book! 


Like what we're doing?

If you love what we're doing and just want to show support through a financial donation, feel free to do so here. We now have non-profit sector and we still affiliate with many non-profits worldwide as well! Your donation will get you a permanent spot on our Flagship "Wall of Fame" in Dallas, TX or you can get your name permanently on the foundation wall of any future location of your choice that we expand to, as our gift to you. What a great way to say you contributed to our growth & have the permanent proof to go with it. We love creating history and making givers like you apart of it for a lifetime! 

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