Are the Anger Room activities expensive?
No. we are the most cost effective alternative to stress relief on the market!

This sounds crazy, is this place real?
Yes. This is a real company and we seriously handle anger and stress issues or accommodate those who want to do it for fun as well.

Where are you located?
We are located in Dallas, Texas. It is currently the only operating location worldwide.

Are you in other states?
We are currently working on that! Franchise Opportunities are now available, for an application please email us at franchising@angerroom.com.

I am 18, can I try out the Anger Room activities?
Yes. Children under 10 are currently not permitted into the Anger Room® facility. However, if you are between the ages of 10-17 you maybe able to participate with presence/supervision and consent of a parent or legal guardian. Teens with any diagnosed behavioral issues must also be accompanied with a physician’s referral.  Anger Room™ activities are at your own risk, so you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or be a legal adult.

I am expecting soon, but I need to release some stress, can I make an appt?
Unfortunately, No. Due to safety issues and the high likeliness of physical wear and tear, the Anger Room® staff cannot allow pregnant, severe health issues or people with mental illness to participate. The only exception would be under the advice of a certified physician and special arrangements will have to be made upon verification of the situation.

I don’t want to tear up multiple things, just one item will do, can you accommodate me?
We can customize rooms for you at your request. Depending on your choices a additional fee maybe required. We have had rooms that we have filled with balloons, inflatable punching bags, the oval office and more, so anything is possible! Also, we have our I need A Break option for that 1 item fix!

Whats the best way to contact you?
We answer emails 24/7 visit our contact us page and send us a message! Or text/call us at 1-844-I-Get-Mad.

How did you come up with such a company?
The owner has an amazing story and a simple google search can fill you in, otherwise you can always request a press kit!

Can I have my friend in a room with me? 
Yes! But only if you trust them with your life;) We can allow more than one person in a room at one time, how fun, but there are limits & restrictions!

Can I split my time with someone else?
Unfortunately, No. There are plenty reasons why but the short answer is just no, sorry:)

Are pets allowed?
Although, we love our beloved furry friends, the Anger Room® facility does not allow pets inside the building. But as we grow, we’ll work on that, after all pets have anger too! 

Are you franchising?
Yes. We are currently accepting applications for Anger Room® franchises to interested and qualified parties, for more information please contact us by clicking Here