5 minute session | 1 special item

i need a break



This session is famously known as our "Quickie" session. For those just looking to beat up on that one something or some mannequin perhaps, for a brief few minutes. Any 1 item you receive will definitely give you your 5 minutes worth of time and you will have the best workout money can buy;) We suggest this session for returning visitors needing a "pick me up" or someone who just has their heart set on breaking that 1 thing. 



  • 1 random item
  • your choice of music
  • awesome weapon of your choice
  • option to add on additional items or themes

15 minutes | room of items

lash out



For 15 minutes we give you fun, bliss and happiness with a room of random items to bust up! Perfect for those looking to bash with a friend or two, or to have that solo experience all to yourself. However you plan to do it, this is the experience you'll never want to forget! Add a theme to make it extra special and you've set yourself up with an experience to brag about! 



  • Room of random items
  • 15 mins to destroy it
  • Choice of music/playlist
  • Option to add on themes or additional items

25 minutes | Full room of shit

total demolition



This is not for the faint of heart! 25 whole minutes to bash the crap out of random, inanimate objects to your hearts desire. You might need a friend or two or three or more for this one. This session is what we recommend for "Bad Asses Only". Let people know, you are not to be messed with in this session. Hydrate up, get you some reps in and let it rip! In this 25 minute room full of breakable shit session. Got some real anger? Make this a theme and add a mannequin or two then show em' who's boss. Don't aim too high if you can't reach the peddles to boost you on this one! For serious adrenaline junkies only. 



  • 25 minutes of bash time
  • Complete room full of breakable shit
  • Choice of music playlist
  • Option to add on themes or add ons